Wednesday April 17, 2024
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About Us​

HamaraUttarakhand was created to promote and preserve the natural beauty, culture, heritage, and tourism of Uttarakhand. HamaraUttarakhand is also committed to fostering rural entrepreneurship and encouraging people to return to their homeland.

The organization of HamaraUttarakhand was founded with a clear goal in mind – to promote Uttarakhand on the internet. We, the founding team members work passionately, are extremely hardworking and dedicated, and firmly believe that we can be the “agents of change” in Uttarakhand.

Our Social Objectives

Providing Uttarakhand tourism information

At HamaraUttarakhand, we strive to offer comprehensive and accurate information on the various tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. From the tranquil hill stations to the stunning natural landscapes, the state of Uttarakhand offers a wealth of attractions for visitors to explore.

Our goal is to provide detailed information about the history, culture, and natural beauty of each tourist destination, as well as practical information such as accommodation options, transportation, and local activities. Our information is updated regularly to ensure that visitors have access to the latest and most reliable information when planning their trips to Uttarakhand.

Providing Chardham and Tourist packages

In addition to providing detailed information on tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, we also offer Chardham and Uttarakhand Tour packages. Our packages are designed to help visitors explore the best of what Uttarakhand has to offer, from its serene temples to its majestic mountains.

We work with local travel operators to provide visitors with the best possible experience, ensuring that they have access to comfortable accommodations, safe transportation, and knowledgeable guides. Our packages are customizable to suit the unique needs and preferences of our clients, whether they are seeking a spiritual journey, an adventurous trek, or a relaxing vacation.

Preserving Uttaranchali Culture and Tradition

Uttaranchal boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage. However, due to significant migration from the region, our cultural traditions and practices are at risk of fading away in the future. As such, it is crucial to promote and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

At HamaraUttarakhand, our primary objective is to preserve our cultural heritage and traditions to ensure their continuation for future generations. As part of our long-term goals, we aim to organize cultural sessions in various cities across India. These sessions will encompass a range of cultural activities and events, including: “Kumaoni-Garhwali language Classes” and “Cultural awareness sessions”

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